Update for communication and entertainment.

Software update – other compatible CE devices.

The number of mobile devices on the market, e.g. mobile phones as well as MP3 players is growing daily. To enable you to use the most attractive devices in your MINI, our specialists continuously check the compatibility of these devices with the connectivity products offered by MINI.

After parts of the vehicle software have been updated, MINI offers the option for recently tested Bluetooth or USB devices to be used in the vehicle. You can perform this software update yourself. To do so, all you need is a standard USB device with sufficient memory capacity. Of course, your MINI Service Partner will also have a USB device in stock for you to purchase.

To perform such a software update, you require the following options:

‘Bluetooth mobile preparation with USB Audio Interface’ (option code 6NE) as well as the ‘Radio MINI Visual Boost’ (option code 6FP) or the ‘Navigation System Business’ (option code 606).

Your vehicle can be updated provided that you have the 'Software update' option on your 'Settings' menu.

This updated software is specifically provided to support new mobile devices. Refer to the most recent set of Update Information to find out if this updated software is also available for your device and vehicle.

At present, no software update is available.