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The picture shows a MINI Cooper. The body colours and wheels selectable here apply only to this model. The range and combination of options may vary from other MINI models. Not all optional equipment is already available at this time.
According to market settings.

Flowing seamless from one side to the other, the hood with its trademark powerdome delivers a strong statement.


Wide-stretched and opening upward, the lower air inlet gives the MINI Cooper its friendly face.


Bigger and brighter. Surrounded by chrome and optionally available in full-LED, the taillights are a joy to watch for those left in your slipstream.


Sporting wheel arches that protrude from the body, the MINI Cooper takes a firm stance.


Enclosed by a stylish chrome frame, the MINI Cooper’s radiator grille can easily be recognized by its three matt silver blades.


The redesigned headlights encircled by the MINI typical chrome ring give the MINI Cooper a shining presence. Optionally available as full-LED headlights.


The chrome-plated exhaust pipe finisher keeps up the class from front all the way to the end.


Typical for the MINI Cooper, a matt silver handle bar gives your access to the boot.


Keeping it light and shiny. The MINI Cooper comes standard with 15” Heli spoke light-alloy wheels.


The dynamic slightly sloping roofline gives the MINI Cooper an accelerated look even when standing still.


Reminiscent of MINI’s sporting heritage, the rear spoiler integrated in the roof give the MINI Cooper that extra sporting edge.


The MINI Cooper comes with side scuttles that combine matt and high-gloss black surfaces into an eye-catching housing for the turn signal.


Optimized for pedestrian protection, while still looking good as ever. The new front underlines the MINI’s characteristic short overhangs and overall compactness.


The future is here. With the optionally available head-up display, your speed, navigation information and other data are projected directly into your field of vision.



Living Wall

Every bit a true MINI, the new MINI Cooper is ready to conquer the streets all over again.
Small car, big fun.
Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly make the MINI any more exciting, we did exactly that. The new MINI Twin Power Turbo engines make the MINI faster and lighter on fuel. With the all-new MINI Driving Modes you can change the car’s driving characteristics, interior lighting and engine sound to match your mood. Pure driving thrills wrapped in lightweight materials.
Keep in touch.
In the new MINI you never drive alone, even when you’re the only one in the car. Through MINI Connected you can stay in touch with friends, send out automatic distress calls in case of an accident and automatically share performance data with MINI Services. Access it all through the innovative MINI Centre Instrument that isn't just packed with useful features; it also interacts with you and gives you feedback in colourful lights when you near your exit for instance, or when you're parking and run out of space.
Welcome to the future.
Stack the new MINI with high-tech options. Have it film traffic in front of you and adjust your speed accordingly, project your speed and other useful information into your field of vision or even park itself. But don’t worry: there’s still plenty of driving fun left for yourself.
The safest you'll ever feel with your hair on fire.
Cutting-edge active and passive safety measures make sure you can enjoy every corner without worrying about a thing. From super high-strength multiphase steel to intelligent warning and protection systems, the MINI will keep you and those around you safe while you’re out having fun.
Your MINI dream come true.
Whether you're leasing, financing or insuring: the offers available from MINI Financial Services are tailored to suit your wants and needs.
Exterior Design.
The MINI Cooper is pure understated cool riding on 15” Heli Spoke wheels. Matt silver and black touches mixed with high-gloss chrome accents add subtle highlights to the already eye-catching design.
Interior Design.
Behind the wheel of the MINI Cooper you’re engulfed in dark tones and contrasting accents. The completely redesigned dashboard is touched up with Hazy Grey accents that bring light elements into the chic dark interior.
The bright side of life.
All new front- and rear light design turn the MINI into a shining example of urban style. With classic MINI touches like the chrome ring mixed with high-tech features such as optional full-LED elements, you will not go into the night unnoticed.
Small is the new big.
The MINI was made big by its size – or lack thereof. Everything about the new MINI too, was designed to make it compact, agile and unmistakably MINI. Short overhangs and crisp proportions make the new MINI once again the greatest small car on the block.
Everything you need to know.
Behind every great car is a great engine. Giving the MINI Cooper its strength is the all-new 1.5l 3-cylinder MINI Twin Power Turbo engine. Low in emission, but high in output it produces 100kW that give the light MINI Cooper its trademark go-kart feeling.
1.5l 3-Cylinder.
A brand new engine for a brand new MINI. Get the lowdown on all the technical details of the MINI Cooper.
Fast and efficient. A brand new engine for a brand new MINI.
Get the lowdown on all the technical details of the MINI Cooper.
0-100km/h in 7.9 seconds.
Blink and you've missed it. A brand new engine for a brand new MINI. Get the lowdown on all the technical details of the MINI Cooper.
Light on its feet. A brand new engine for a brand new MINI. Get the lowdown on all the technical details of the MINI Cooper.
15" Light alloy.
Always on a roll. A brand new engine for a brand new MINI. Get the lowdown on all the technical details of the MINI Cooper.
3821 x 1727 x 1414.
Compact performance. A brand new engine for a brand new MINI. Get the lowdown on all the technical details of the MINI Cooper.
How do you want it?
Customize your MINI any way you like with one of these eight option packages.
Add some extra flavour to your MINI with the Salt Package. Keep tabs on your car with the on-board computer, make an entrance with the velour floor mats and lots more.
Spice up your ride with the Pepper Package. Customize your interior light package, stay cool with the automatic climate control and boost your driving fun with the MINI Excitement Pack.
Turn up the heat with the Chili Package. Grab the multi-function steering wheel, switch it up with MINI Driving Modes and prepare to be pushed back in the cloth-leather combination seats.
Access the world through the lifesize 8.8" screen. Manage the Navigation system and a wide range of infotainment quick and easy with the Touch Controller. With MINI Connected you’re in touch with your friends on the go through Facebook, Twitter and more.
Keep it MINI.
Here it is. Now our promises are coming true: new MINI, new accessories. Here you can find everything which makes your MINI even more individual from wing mirror caps to child's seat.