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MINI Countryman front-diagonal profile

Live it large.

Larger than life yet unmistakably MINI, the MINI Countryman defies convention. It's built to conquer town and country, with room inside for an army of adventures.

Vip Seating.

With spacious seating for up to five people, you’ll feel like you’re flying first class on an airplane. And because the MINI Countryman is the only MINI to exceed four metres in length, there’s plenty of room to stretch out. The seats can even move backwards for up to 13 centimetres of extra legroom.

MINI Countryman VIP Seating

Safety in detail.

Safety is first class in this tank-like MINI. Intelligent sensors take the guesswork out of tricky driving situations, while an array of design features protect you in the event of a collision.

MINI Countryman advanced breaking

Advanced braking.

Advanced braking technology keeps you in complete control. Latest-generation anti-lock brakes allow you to stop quickly on slippery roads and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) distributes braking force between wheels to suit the driving conditions. Cornering Brake Control (CBC) improves stability on cornering at speed, and Brake Assist speeds up the process, minimising the braking distance.

MINI Countryman LED lights

Brilliant lights.

Optimum light on straights and bends alike − thanks to the optional bi-xenon headlights that adapt to the direction of the road. Optional LED fog lights (with daytime running lights) can also sit solid in the front bumper, so you can see clear as day even in the worst weather.

MINI Countryman six airbags

Six fast airbags.

The MINI Countryman has a whopping six airbags as standard. Driver and passenger airbags protect the head and upper body during a head-on collision. Side and head airbags reduce the risk of injuries to the head, chest and pelvic regions during side-on impact.

Design in detail.

Take a closer look at the MINI Countryman.

MINI Countryman exterior styling

Powerful front end.

With elevated ground clearance, wider track and slightly rear-angled headlights, the powerful face of the MINI Countryman may be unconventional, but it’s still unmistakably MINI. Check out that brand new front grille and the optional MINI ALL4 Exterior styling (standard with ALL4 all-wheel drive): it’s a real off-road look and feel.

MINI Countryman dashboard

Classic dashboard. Premium feel.

Retro chic: the round dials and central speedometer dominate the dashboard and hark back to the classic Mini. They’ve been redesigned for a more premium look; the dials are anthracite and the knobs are finished in chrome. The speedometer can also incorporate entertainment and navigation functions.

MINI Countryman headlights

Dazzling headlights.

Past, meet future. The MINI Countryman’s classically styled headlights are slightly angled to the rear, adding an air of self-confidence. Optional bi-xenon-headlights with adaptive headlight help you see round the bends in the dark by adapting to the direction of the road. Gleaming with aerodynamic glass and chrome surrounds, they also look the business. Optional LED fog lights (with daytime running lights) can also sit solid in the front bumper, so you can see clear as day even in the worst weather.

MINI countryman body colours

Body colours.

Choose from Light White as standard, or optional for a metallic colour from a range including Blazing Red, Jungle Green, Crystal Silver, Starlight Blue, Absolute Black, Midnight Grey and Cosmic Blue. Or, opt for Chilli Red with John Cooper Works packages and models.

MINI Countryman snap item

Snap to it.

An amazingly convenient feature, the Center Rail runs down the middle of the car between the front seats, allowing you to snap items like cups and mobile phones into place and then slide them back and forward. Kind of like a cowboy sliding a drink down a bar, but a lot easier.

Upholstery and Inlay design.

Your seat in the car is like your seat in front of the TV – it’s yours, and it’s just right. We only offer the best materials; choose from a wide range of cloth, leather and combinations, for an ultimate feel of tailored comfort. The Inlay Colour option also adds a splash of colour to the door mirrors and the MINI Center Rail, complementing your chosen upholstery.

MINI Countryman (1st Gen.)


Countryman family
MINI Countryman (1st Gen.)
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John Cooper Works
8.0, , 8.0
MINI Countryman All4 all-wheel drive

Access all areas.

Don’t get stuck in the mud. Take on any terrain with the ALL4 all-wheel drive option, which also gives improved grip on urban roads if you fancy a blast. Jacked-up suspension for higher ride height gives you a perfect view of the road and exceptional ground clearance. Whether you’re tackling the concrete jungle or the rocky off-road, the MINI Countryman takes it in its stride.

MINI  Countryman rear-open boot profile

Open wide.

The 350-litre boot extends to a colossal 1,170 litres with the seats pushed down, giving you space for the bike and baby buggy with room to spare. The seats can also move forward by 13 centimetres for more space. There’s even a false boot floor for deeper items or for hiding valuable belongings from view. Like that trashy novel you’re embarrassed about reading.