MINI Regeneration. Service programme for older MINI.

MINI Regeneration
MINI Regeneration
Engine oil service.

FOR AN ALL-ROUND FRESH-UP. It's not only your motor that'll run smoothly. The MINI engine oil service also takes care of the air-con (new micro filter) and the brakes (parking light check).

Service with MINI Regeneration
brake discs, front.

TOP MATERIAL FOR TOP BRAKING. Stopping a MINI Cooper S in full flow requires amore braking power than stopping a MINI one. That's why MINI Brake Discs vary to suit each particular MINI model. Made of top-quality materials, they interact perfectly with MINI Brake Pads.

brake PADS, front.



MINI Brake Pads are tailored to suit each specific MINI model and, together with ABS and traction control, guarantee optimal functionality, even in extreme situations such as driving down a steep mountain road. What's more, they're asbestos-free, which makes for a healthier environment all round.


Engine oil
Battery replacement.



Original MINI Batteries provide the necessary energy to get your up and running. But only when they're officially registered following the battery change will all the efficiency and comfort functions (e.g. Auto Start Stop and stationary heating) be guaranteed to remain available.



Service for all MINIS out of motorplan.


The longer you drive your MINI, the more you appreciate the unique go-kart feeling. MINI regeneration ensures that this continues for a long time to come. With perfectly tailored maintenance offers, MINI Service will keep your MINI as fresh as the day it first took to the streets, for the rest of its road-going life. * Valid for MINI manufactured in 2001 or later.

Original MINI parts + MINI Service: For unbeatable resale value.

One of the best things that can happen to your MINI: service from MINI Service specialists coupled with the quality and precision of Original MINI Parts. This combination keeps your MINI healthy and you wealthy − as the resale value of your MINI remains extraordinarily high. After all, originality has its price. All in all: KEEP IT MINI in its most genuine form.

Full warranty cover.


MINI Regeneration remains transparent right across the board. You know exactly what each service consists of and exactly how much it costs − and you'll be pleasantly surprised on both counts. What else is guaranteed? Full warranty cover on all Original MINI Parts for two years.