The new MINI John Cooper Works Hatch will set your heart racing with its sporty contours, but its performance will blow your mind.

We’ll just come out with it: under the bonnet of the new John Cooper Works Hatch lurks the most powerful engine ever fitted in a production MINI. That’s what delivers the raw power and provides the underlying thrill of this tribute to MINI’s racing heritage. But let’s not forget performance, handling and looks, all of which have been refined with racing expertise to make this, the new MINI John Cooper Works Hatch, without doubt, the hottest sporty hatch on the road.

Under the bonnet of the new John Cooper Works Hatch lurks the most powerful engine ever fitted in a production MINI.

A passion for racing goes to MINI’s very roots, threading back through 55 years of motoring history, and the new John Cooper Works Hatch is an expression of that heritage in a bleeding-edge modern embodiment. In the MINI John Cooper Works Hatch, speed meets sophistication and style. Or, as actor Jason Statham might say, it’s fast, fun, funky and frilling…




Look carefully. See those inlets where the fog lamps should be? They’re extra-large, which tells that behind them lurks a beast that needs additional cooling – the engine, brakes and ancillary units are racing-performance monsters that suck in more air than a regular city-hopper. That engine is a fire-breathing fun machine that takes some serious cooling off, just like you would after a session behind the wheel…


The honeycomb pattern of the radiator grille is a dead giveaway that we’re dealing with something special. But, if you missed that, not to worry – the bottom edge and John Cooper Works logo will let you in on the secret. Special styling cues such as the LED headlights surrounded by a daytime driving light ring (the bottom half of which is your indicator), the aerodynamic ducting in the front and sides, and the John Cooper Works bonnet stripes indicate that MINI’s racing heritage permeates every design detail.


A red accentuation line runs the length of the side scuttles and the black wheel arch surrounds highlight this racing machine’s unique contours. Other styling options exclusive to John Cooper Works Hatches include roof and exterior mirror caps that can be finished in white, black or – exclusively – Chili Red. There’s a distinctive new paint called Rebel Green Metallic, too.


A glance at the rear-end of the MINI John Cooper Works Hatch reveals an extra-large cross section that speaks the language of racing performance. The sporting cue of the exhaust system integrated centrally in the rear apron will alert casual onlookers that the back end of this Hatch is something they can expect to see more of.

The central double exhaust system, combined with the turbo, delivers a sporty growl and crackle, adding another sensory dimension to the sporty appeal of the John Cooper Works Hatch.


The new MINI John Cooper Works Hatch takes the aesthetic of sporty handling and performance and offers more exhilaration, as MINI likes to do, in the cabin as well. After all, you won’t spend all your time admiring the exterior – you’ll be in the cockpit.


Newly developed sports seats with integrated headrests and model-specific upholstery in Carbon Black Dinamica/fabric add to the aesthetic. Sure, it looks good, but the MINI John Cooper Works Hatch is about authentic design, not frills, so these seats will hug you tight and hold you in place in case you ever find yourself cornering like it’s The Italian Job.

Steering wheel

An exclusive leather steering wheel design sports multifunction buttons.

Other interior details

The MINI John Cooper Works Hatch identity is carried through in details such as the piano black and red design of the interior trim, which is also featured on the gear lever, the central instrument surround and the car key. Pedals are stainless steel and the roof liner is sleek anthracite.

Cockpit displays

The cockpit display of the MINI John Cooper Works Hatch is model-specific. The dials are designed for readability – a dark dial for the speedometer and a white scale for the engine-speed display. There’s also full-on functionality with MINI Driving Modes, Dual-zone automatic air conditioning, Radio MINI Visual Boost, as well as MINI Connected, which, together with the MINI app, allows you to access a range of MINI functions with your smartphone. The MINI touch controller’s intuitive design facilitates easy control and displays in the central instrument panel.

Under the hood

n the belly of the beast lurks something entirely new: new engines and transmissions that make the MINI John Cooper Works Hatch drive faster, longer and more efficiently than ever before. The TwinPower Turbo Technology charged 2.0 litre four-cylinder spark ignition engine, mounted transversely, delivers 10 percent more power than its predecessor, and maximum torque is 23 percent higher than before. This means the engine responds to the tiniest changes in pressure to the accelerator. The engine achieves maximum torque from just 1 250 rpm (320 Nm, if you need to know). Peak output of 170kW is available from 5 200 rpm. To keep down fuel consumption, there’s an automatic engine start/stop function. But here’s what you really want to know: zero to 100km/h in 6.3 seconds (or 6.1 seconds for the automatic).

Vital Stats

MODEL 0 to 100km/h: 6.3 seconds  Max Torque: 320 Nm  Gears: 6  Peak output: 170kW

A choice of 17-inch light alloy wheels adds to the sporty styling and aerodynamics of the John Cooper Works Hatch.


The MINI John Cooper Works Hatch has a six-speed manual transmission specially adapted for the engine so that it’s light, short shifts and (c’mon, don’t act like it doesn’t matter) gives the engine a very nice growl! A gear sensor enhances jerk-free clutch engagement when shifting down. There’s also the option of a six-speed Sport Automatic Steptronic transmission, using shift paddles at the steering wheel, for extremely fast gear shifts.


When it comes to sporty driving demands, the MINI John Cooper Works Hatch delivers by the bucket-load. That it’s lightweight, and has a low centre of gravity, short overhangs, a wide track and a rigid body structure all contribute. The standard sports suspension technology has been further enhanced on the John Cooper Works Hatch for precision steering and agile turn-in response, delivering comfort even in the sportiest driving conditions.


Let’s not forget, when it comes to zippy driving, stopping is as important, if not more so, than going. The MINI John Cooper Works’ high-performance sports brake system, with calipers finished in red or yellow, was exclusively developed in collaboration with performance-brake specialist Brembo, and will guarantee a consistently high deceleration performance even when exposed to intensive stress on the race track. Standard Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) is enhanced by various electronically delivered extras, such as Traction Control, Differential Lock Control, Performance Control and Torque Steer Compensation, all of which make for top-notch agility, control and steering.