MINI Teleservices


How often your MINI needs servicing depends on its condition and the way you drive. The built-in sensors monitor the state of important components like the brake pads. It then evaluates this data and lets you know in good time when things need replacing. If maintenance is required, your MINI sends the vehicle data to your MINI Service Partner who will contact you to arrange a service appointment. MINI Teleservices is part of the options MINI Connected and Emergency Call and is free of charge. Whether you have a first-hand or second-hand vehicle, you can activate MINI Teleservices in three easy steps; either in the MINI Connected Smartphone app or in the MINI Connected portal: 1. Set up a customer account. 2. Assign your vehicle to your customer account. 3. Now select your preferred MINI Service Partner via your vehicle’s iDrive Display under MINI assistance in the menu item Service Partner.

Automatic MINI Teleservice Call


Special sensors in your MINI continuously check your vehicle's fluid levels and monitor the wear and tear. If your MINI needs maintenance – and only if – the relevant vehicle data will be sent to your MINI Service Partner. This data will be analysed by your Service Partner who will contact you soon after to arrange an appointment. Should you have any other service requests, you can also place a manual MINI Teleservice Call (if available in your region). Your MINI Service Partner will contact you shortly afterwards.

MINI Teleservice Breakdown Call


If your MINI takes an unexpected break, you can take one too – and call MINI Roadside Assistance right from your car. Just go into the 'MINI Connected' menu and select 'MINI Assistance'. Then select the 'MINI Breakdown Call' option and all relevant data about that state of your vehicle and your current location will be sent to the MINI Mobile Service team. Our specialists will either solve small problems remotely or swiftly take other appropriate action.

MINI Teleservice Battery Guard


MINI TELESERVICE BATTERY GUARD continuously monitors your MINI's battery charge level. If it drops below a specific value, you will receive a text or email notification – depending on what contact details you have saved in your MINI Connected Customer Account. If the charge level drops to a critical value, your MINI Service Partner will contact you to discuss further action. This is the perfect way to avoid problems starting the engine or to avoid battery-related breakdowns. Your MINI can now look after its own energy supply.

MINI Service Partner Selection


The MINI Service Partner who receives the Teleservice Calls from your car can be found at any time in the Service Partner menu or in your MINI Connected customer account. Your Service Partner will then contact you for a service appointment, e.g. when it’s time for maintenance. We recommend that you check right now if your preferred MINI Service Partner is entered correctly. You can change your saved MINI Service Partner yourself at any time.


MINI Condition Based Service



Thinking about maintenance was yesterday. Your MINI automatically knows when it's time for a service thanks to its intelligent, integrated on-board maintenance system – the Condition Based Service (CBS). The CBS continuously monitors the health of your MINI, and only tells you that a service or an oil change is due, for example, when it is really needed. That means you don't have to remember to perform regular maintenance checks yourself. It will also let you know when a standard inspection is coming up. This is good for you – and great for your MINI.

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