Electric driving offers new opportunities to elevate the MINI driving experience to a new level of refinement and performance. Our innovations and technologies get smarter – but it's how we use them that enables us to drive meaningful improvements and shape a more sustainable future.  

mini electromobility – mini electric – technology mini electromobility – mini electric – technology
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mini electromobility – mini electric – electric drivetrain mini electromobility – mini electric – electric drivetrain


From the very beginning, MINI established itself as the definitive compact car. And the MINI 3-door Hatch is now the available with a fully electric drivetrain. MINI Electric combines our traditional creative use of space with future-oriented technology.

The high voltage lithium-ION battery is arranged in a T-shape and positioned along the length of the vehicle floor. The centre of gravity is much lower than with a petrol-driven MINI, enabling enhanced stability and agile handling. The legacy of innovation lives on. We continue telling the story.


Dynamic yet smooth. The MINI Electric's compact system produces extremely low vibrations and lets you glide through the city in near silence.

Fast and direct. It gives you full torque immediately to deliver thrilling agility, stirring acceleration with no lag, no gearshift interruptions and a very responsive drive.

One pedal driving. You can drive almost entirely with just one pedal. Accelerate to your desired speed. And put power back into your battery every time you lift your foot up and come to a stop.

mini electromobility – mini electric – electric driving mini electromobility – mini electric – electric driving

“Puts a smile on your face.”

MINI Electric drivers tell us what they love about the drive.
MINI Electric – Resolute Edition – nanuq white


In the language of the Inuit, Nanuk means "polar bear". Nanuq White is the new body colour of the MINI Electric Resolute Edition. It is reminiscent of the light-coloured fur of these impressive animals. And the comparisons don't end there, as even in extreme sub-zero temperatures, the electric drive, high-voltage battery, power electronics and charging technology will impress with their reliably high performance. 

Available soon, the new MINI Electric Resolute Edition speaks volumes at every turn – and is ready to make every moment electrifyingly memorable. 

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Emobility - technology - fully electric Emobility - technology - fully electric


It's official. MINI's last ever internal combustion-engined vehicle will launch in 2025. By 2030, the MINI range will be exclusively electric.

MINI electric – electromobility – exclusively electric
Mini Countryman PHEV – hybrid – SAV Mini Countryman PHEV – hybrid – SAV
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Two other electric mobility concepts can be found on the road.
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Regenerative braking recoups energy which would normally be lost when slowing down and redeploys it to boost power to your engine helping it perform more economically. You cannot charge a mild-hybrid directly via a plug at home or a public charger.

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Hydrogen fuel cell cars are driven by an electric motor. The difference, however, is that they produce electricity themselves. So unlike BEVs and PHEVs, they don’t get their power from a built-in chargeable battery. Instead, hydrogen cars effectively have their own efficient power plant on board – the fuel cell.


If you want to connect your vehicle to the MINI App, select "Vehicle" > "Garage" > "Add vehicle". Follow the app’s step-by-step instructions, staying close to your MINI. You must enter the security code, found in ‘MINI Messages’ in your MINI, into the MINI App within three hours. You can find the security code under "MINI Connected" and "MINI messages” on your MINI’s infotainment system.
The GREEN mode in your MINI offers you a consistently consumption-reducing setting for a maximum range. To activate GREEN, press the MINI Driving Modes switch down until GREEN is displayed in the instrument cluster.

The ALL4 all-wheel-drive is an intelligent torque vectoring system that maximises traction on virtually any surface. It's electrohydraulic multi-disc clutch* is linked to Dynamic Stability Control and smoothly varies the amount of drive torque distributed from the MINI TwinPower Turbo engine to the front and rear axles according to the driving situation.That all means optimal traction, maximum stability and even more fun cruising around corners.

MINI Connected is a group of 'connected' products available in different bundles or packages that use mobile and internet technologies which enable connectivity in and outside of your vehicle. 

WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) is the legally binding test procedure for all car manufacturers that determines figures for exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. This laboratory test will also be supplemented by an emissions test that measures pollutants directly on the road; RDE (Real Driving Emissions).

The MINI App is like a remote control on your phone. You can check your range and top up your charge, plan routes based on your battery usage and activate the air con with Pre-Conditioning to get the cabin temperature just right before you even get in. Start from the comfort of your couch by planning your route from the app, then send it directly to your MINI’s infotainment system so you’re ready to go. Plus, you can use the MINI App on your smartphone to track down where you’ve parked and even check whether you locked your doors.

The greenness of any electric car ultimately depends on the source of the main electricity that feeds the battery. Another aspect of the lifetime CO2 footprint is the energy used to manufacture the battery pack. With this in mind, tests showed that if the MINI Electric is charged using a renewable electricity mix, it breaks even or has ‘worked off’ the CO2 released during its manufacturing after approximately 19,000 km. Over a full life cycle, the emissions of a MINI Electric are 40% (EU mix) and 70% (renewable mix) compared to that of a petrol-driven MINI Cooper S. That means, using typical daily driving distances, it takes just twelve months of driving for the MINI Electric to offset the extra global warming emissions from producing it.

The Driver’s Guide app is an Owner's Handbook for selected MINI models. It provides MINI customers with complete and interactive vehicle information for their vehicles on their smartphone or tablet computer. The app is available for download free of charge in more than 30 languages and more than 55 markets in the Apple and Google app stores.

To use the Driver's Guide for the first time, you need an internet connection. Once you have entered the vehicle identification number (VIN), the Owner's Handbook that matches your vehicle is downloaded and is then also available without an internet connection. 

In addition to a quick reference and detailed vehicle information, the Driver's Guide app also explains the particularly innovative vehicle functions using photo-realistic animations. A link to the How-to area of the BMW YouTube channel provides more explanations in the form of short video clips in English with subtitles.

A "360° view" function with interactive information also allows drivers to explore their MINI from the outside and inside. Users of an Apple iPhone can also use the "Smart Scan" function in combination with the camera of their smartphone. With it, the Driver's Guide app recognises symbols or texts of the function keys in the vehicle interior and automatically provides the corresponding explanations. The better drivers are familiar with their vehicle, the more confidently they will react in traffic. 

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