MINI Motorplan Service

100% Cost control.

With Motorplan, you don’t need to worry about costs for maintenance or repairs. Motorplan covers a wide range of services that are valid in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland – with all necessary Original MINI Parts as part of the deal, too. Put your mind at ease when you put your foot down with Motorplan.


You can extend your Motorplan for up to a maximum 7 years/200 000km. This investment in your peace of mind will most definitely pay off. Particularly as your Motorplan can be transferred to any new owner, which helps to boost the resale value of your MINI.


* Entitlement to these services assumes that you have driven your car properly and had it serviced as recommended by the manufacturer. The following items are not covered: Fuel, contamination in the fuel system; top-up quantities (e.g. engine oil); damage to paint finish, body, any trim items, covers, panels; glass damage (e.g. windows, headlights); wind, squeaking and rattling noises, as well as smells; tyres, wheel imbalances, wheel damage and wheel alignment; repairs to accessories, which were not included when the new vehicle was ordered; repairs for which the vehicle user is responsible (e.g. engine damage due to insufficient oil or participation in race events).


*Motorplan transfer of ownership is to be conducted by an authorized BMW Group Dealer detailing a comprehensive vehicle check and is charged at a standard flatrate.


Services provided by BMW Road Assistance, statutory warranty claims as well as exclusions of warranty claims as stated in the conditions of sale for new vehicles remain unaffected.