For diplomats, embassies, and employees of international organisations.




Enjoy the advantage of specialised service with MINI Diplomatic Sales, and benefit from the many advantages, including

- Special pricing and tax benefits as a diplomat,
- Personal customer care from our worldwide network of dealers, and
- The full range of MINI vehicles tailored to your individual needs.


The benefits of MINI Diplomatic Sales are available exclusively for diplomats and employees of international organisations, who move to a new diplomatic posting every 3-4 years.


Institutions that are able to participate in the diplomatic program include:


African Commission on Nuclear Energy (AFCONE)

African Development Bank

Africa Institute for the Environmentally

Sound Management of Hazardous and Other Wastes

African Peer Review Mechanism

Arab States League

Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative

European Investment Bank

European Union

Food Agriculture Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network

International Committee of the Red Cross

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

International Finance Corporation Sub-Saharan Africa Hub

International Fund for Agricultural Development

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

International Labour Organisation

International Monetary Fund

International Organisation for Migration

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

International Water Management Institute

New Development Bank – African Regional Centre

Orange Senqu River Commission

Pan African Parliament

The New Partnership for Africa's Development

The Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa

United Nations Food and Agricaulture Organisation in South Africa

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation

United Nations Information Centre

United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS)

United Nations Population Fund

World Bank

World Food Programme

World Health Organisation


What you’ll need to get started:


- Diplomatic passport from the Foreign Ministry with accreditation certificate from the host country

- Official passport issued by the Foreign Ministry with accreditation certificate from the host country

- Laisser-passer / Official passport from the UN or associated organisations

- Ministerial passport

- NATO ID CARD or service passport


Contact us directly on diplomatic_sales@bmw.co.za or sydney.hammond@bmw.co.za to find out how to get started.





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