MINI Finance Solutions.

You’re ready to start your adventure in a MINI, and we’re here to help. MINI Financial Services offers various finance products, and like the MINI you’ve been eyeing, all have scope for customisation. And once your MINI has left the showroom you can protect your vehicle with a range of insurance options. Whether it’s full comprehensive cover, or a plan to take care of minor scratches, we’ve got your back.

MINI Select

MINI Select Finance, gives you flexible end-of-term options, with peace of mind of a Guaranteed Future Value at the end of your contract. Simply select a deposit that suits you and decide how much you want to pay each month by selecting your number of instalments and estimating how far you plan on travelling during your contract term. Based on your choices, we’ll work out your MINI’s Guaranteed Future Value.
MINI Select
MINI End of Contract

The End of Your MINI Select Contract: All you need to know.

With MINI Select, at the end of your contract, the choice is yours. Return your MINI and select a new one. Settle or refinance the optional final payment and your vehicle is yours to keep. Return your MINI, and if it’s within your agreed mileage and in good condition, you’ll have nothing more to pay.



You won’t be in two minds when it comes to your dream MINI. With MINI Edge, you can take advantage of a 50:50 payment plan that is an alternative to a cash purchase.

If you have access to disposable funds and able to place a 50% deposit, MINI Edge allows you to service only the interest over your contract term. This affords you the benefit of lower monthly repayments as compared to conventional finance products. At the end of your contract term, you can refinance the 50% balloon or settle it and take full ownership of your MINI.

MINI Instalment

MINI Instalment without Balloon

Looking to find the doorway to total vehicle ownership with no mileage restrictions, then MINI Instalment Sale is the key. Simply choose your MINI, the size of your deposit and a payment term of up to 72 months.

Make the MINI yours at the end of your contract.

Enjoy the convenience of the same monthly payment until you take ownership.

Drive without any mileage restrictions.

You can keep your MINI or sell it. The choice is yours.

MINI Instalment Sale with Balloon

MINI Instalment with Balloon

Choose a contract between 12 and 72 months.  Decide the value of your monthly payments, payments can be reduced with a balloon payment. At the end of the agreement, you decide whether to continue with affordable financing or making a once-off final payment.

Make the MINI yours at the end of your contract. 

Pay lower monthly rates due to a final balloon payment.

Drive without any mileage restrictions.

Decide between refinancing the final balloon amount or making a once-off payment.

MINI Rental

MINI Rental

With no deposit, no depreciation and a fixed monthly rental payment; MINI Rental is the ultimate way to experience driving fun more often, without the admin of ownership.

Your MINI Rental monthly payments include comprehensive insurance from Discovery Insure which means you can enjoy a range of Discovery Vitality rewards from complimentary meals, coffee and smoothies to airtime and data vouchers – just for good driving behaviour.

After choosing your MINI, your instalment is calculated based on your rental period (6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 or 54 months) and an agreed-upon mileage limit. At the end of your rental, just return your MINI with no damage or excess mileage and nothing further to pay.

Product Comparison

Finance Products Select Finance Instalment Sale Instalment Sale with Balloon MINI Rental
Your Benefits: Flexible end-of-term options. Monthly Instalments without a large final payment. Attractive monthly instalments due to a final balloon payment. No deposit or large final payment.
Option to own or return your MINI. Option to own your MINI. Option to own your MINI. Pay to drive with a fixed monthly instalment.
Drive a new MINI more often. No mileage limitations. No mileage limitations. Financial flexibility with inclusive comprehensive insurance.
Peace of mind with a Guaranteed Future Value for end-of-term. No interest is accrued or payable, which can provide a tax benefit.
Designed for Individuals Who: Drive less than 20 000km per year, but if you drive more, you can still consider a contract over 36 months / 96 000 km. Drive more than 30 000 km's per year. Drive more than 30 000 km's per year. Want peace of mind through hassle-free solution.
Value end-of-term flexibility. Prefer not to have a large final payment at the end. Want lower monthly instalments. Want a flexible rental period from 12 to 54 months.
Have the option to own or return your MINI. Plan to own your MINI for an extended period. Are comfortable with a large final payment at the end. Do not want to own a vehicle.

Corporate Facility

Exclusive Financial Services, driven by MINI Financial Services.

MINI Financial Services is the financial services arm of the BMW Group and since its inception in 2002, the company has built an outstanding track record and achieved many milestones on the road to becoming South Africa’s leading niche financial services company.

In our efforts to address the needs of our customers, MINI Financial Services has developed a complete solution, specifically tailored to the needs of our Corporate Clients.

  • Corporate revolving credit facility product offering to businesses.
  • The facility can be managed as per business requirements.
  • Tailor made solutions to suit your business requirements.
  • Intelligent and cost effective solutions attached with exemplary levels of service and attention, you would naturally expect.
  • Finance available on MINI and other brands through ALPHERA Financial Services.
  • Renewable and Reviewable annually.

Product offerings including the following:

  • MINI Select
  • MINI Instalment Sale
  • MINI Fixed Rate Finance
  • MINI Edge
  • MINI Finance Lease

Contact our Corporate Finance consultants for additional information.


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