YOUR 101 ON THE 3.5% RULE.

We keep talking about the 3.5%, and you’re curious. Of course, you are: you’re a smart human. But the 3.5% of what? Of whom? It sounds fancy, but that elusive number is just our way of challenging you, ourselves and, well, pretty much everyone to be their best selves.

3.5% is the percentage of the population that we need to get involved to make a real difference to in the world and our little piece of it at the bottom of Africa. It seems like a small number, but when you think about it, 3.5% of South Africa’s population is over 2 million people.

The 3.5% rule was developed by Harvard University’s Erica Chenoweth. Ok, so maybe it is a little bit fancy - but it’s a very easy rule to understand. Chenoweth researched peaceful social protest movements around the world and discovered that 3.5% is the threshold number. Once 3.5% of a given population buy in and start making changes, that is when amazing things start to happen.

So here we are… just an automotive company, standing in front of a country and asking you to join the 3.5%. We’re setting out by giving you great ways to get involved and start stepping up, speaking up and initiating positive, peaceful change.

The MINI Electric Collective is a group of like-minded individuals, coming together to talk about important topics and start changing our actions to change lives. Being Champions of Change doesn’t mean you have to stop being you; we are just inviting you to plug in and start taking small steps in your own life that show Big Love to the planet and the people on it.

Wonderful things will happen when the 3.5% find each other and work towards meaningful change. You in?

The Electric Collective