A stylish evening in Hyde Park celebrated elegance, singularity, heritage, craftsmanship and a life less ordinary.

At the flagship store of fine shirtmakers Thomas Pink in Johannesburg’s Hyde Park Shopping Centre, MINI and Destiny Man hosted an evening of style and substance, celebrating a meeting of minds and values with the love of craft, heritage, design and, above all, individuality.

On opening the first Thomas Pink store in Joburg three years ago, owner Mickey Walker immediately had a MINI branded with Thomas Pink’s iconic logo. It was, of course, a perfect match.

While Thomas Pink’s MINI graced the entrance of Hyde Park Shopping Centre, the new 5-Door Hatch was on display at the court right outside the store, attracting attention from passersby and chic celebrators at the event alike.

Thomas Pink and MINI share a British history – MINI’s going back to 1959 and being revived in 2001, and Thomas Pink’s reaching back to the first hunting coats in the 1700s, and revived in 1984, re-envisioned as quality shirtmakers on London’s famous Jermyn Street. As Mickey pointed out on the evening, the bold, British, quirky style, and undeniable, uncompromising quality and craftsmanship that defines both brands make them an ideal partnership.

MINI Automotive Communications manager Edward Makwana summed it up in one word: “premium”. He added that versatility defined both brands – MINI with its love of personalisation and its range of models to suit every facet of the urban adventurer’s lifestyle, and Thomas Pink with its array of cuts and details for every occasion, from formal to casual, active to relaxed and everything in-between, and for every individual build. As with MINI’s range of models, Thomas Pink’s designs are there to make your lifestyle a more stylish, liveable experience, no matter what your demands might be.

MINI fan Daniel won the Thomas Pink gift voucher for R5 000 and a consultation with stylist Mome Nale Ngcobondwane.

As a select group of Jozi’s most stylish mingled at the exclusive occasion, savouring Glenfiddich single malt whisky and superb snacks from Life Grand Cafe, allowing their eyes to wander in turn to the sporty Hatch outside, and the rows and rows of beautifully crafted apparel lining the walls of the store inside, it was abundantly clear why ordinary was not an option for the evening. Synergies sparkled, and bonds were formed and renewed in the spirit of the hosts and sponsors.

Everyone left with a gift bag containing, among other things, a pair of Thomas Pink cufflinks. One lucky winner took home a R5 000 voucher for the Thomas Pink store, and a consultation with reality television star, image consultant, designer and stylist Mome Nale Ngcobondwane to guide them through their selection.

It was an evening well spent, and a springboard to a life less ordinary – an exemplary opportunity to pass the time the MINI and Thomas Pink way.