How you drive can make a big difference to your available range and how quickly your charge is used. And that’s where the MINI Experience Green Mode comes in.

The MINI Experience Green Mode gives you all the tools to maximise your efficiency and range while driving your new all-electric MINI.


The latest all-electric MINI models feature MINI Experience Modes as standard equipment. These are designed to enhance the connection between you and your car. One of these is the Green Mode. Eco-friendly and streamlined, it optimises the efficiency of your drive. It helps you achieve maximum range based on various parameters, and significantly extends the lifespan of your battery. It’s also a lot of fun as our game-based approach improves your all-electric driving skills and shows you your current efficiency level – high, medium, or low.
MINI Sustainability - Green mode - Efficiency trainer - video
MINI Sustainability - Green mode - Every move count MINI Sustainability - Green mode - Every move count


The Efficiency Trainer in the Green Mode helps you adapt your use of the pedals to the traffic situation. Select the Green Mode using your MINI Centre Information Display or ask your MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant to do it for you. Now your MINI will regulate energy consumption by automatically adjusting certain settings – for example, the energy consumption of air conditioning.

It also shows how efficient you are with driving energy. If the drag pointer and efficiency meter strip on the left glow green, you’re doing fine. If you speed up too powerfully, it’ll turn grey and then pink. And an arrow lets you know when to ease off on the accelerator. The bonus range display in green shows how much range you have gained with an efficient driving style.


One-pedal driving enables you to accelerate and brake just by using the throttle. As you lift your foot off the pedal, you activate an intelligent regenerative braking system. This not only slows your MINI down smoothly but converts energy from the forward motion which is sent to recharge the battery. It's a great way to win back some extra charge. 

Driving smoothly at a steady pace, rather than frequent, foot-down acceleration, will help you reduce energy consumption. And the improved recuperation management in the new all-electric MINI vehicles plays a significant part in optimising the range.

MINI Sustainability - Green mode - Regenerative braking MINI Sustainability - Green mode - Regenerative braking