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MINI Fashion for the Urban Traveller

Travelling demands courage as we foray into the unknown, leave preconceptions behind and transcend regions and borders. When we immerse in entirely new contexts with unfaltering curiosity, we learn and grow.

As South Africans bridge the divide between the borders of the African continent and the world, today’s urban travellers are looking for experiences that stir memory and inspire them to a more connected life experience.
MINI photo wall at SAFW 1
MINI photo wall at SAFW 2
MINI seeks to define the dynamic nature of the Urban Traveller as someone who is unafraid to break through boundaries and move effortlessly between roles, cultures and places. In this spirit, designing fashion becomes a way to make the unseen seen and convey personal stories and world views. Through creative collaborations with up-and-coming designers, MINI offers a platform to explore state-of-the-art techniques and expand potential routes of development. Unique perspectives, innovative ideas and high-octane energy come together to create space for possibility. For MINI, travelling is an essentially creative, emotional idea. The designer involved in this project seeked inspiration from their personal transformations to create contemporary fashion products for the Urban Traveller. In 2018 MINI South Africa partnered with South African Fashion week to look for the next big name in Men’s Fashion. The collaboration brought about the Scouting Menswear Competition where the talent of Sandile Mlambo of Khumkani Bespoke was unearthed.
Drawing inspiration from the energy of Johannesburg, his collection evokes a feeling of transformation, ease of movement and an ever-expanding sense of curiosity. The designer looked into the how the greys of the city merge seamlessly with what is coined as the world’s largest man-made forest. The local Urban Traveller collection launched at South African Fashion Week AW19 on 23 October 2018.