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MINI 5-door hatch hits the streets.


The original style icon – now reinterpreted for modern city driving. Mixing hallmark MINI attitude with more doors, head room and leg room, this reliable 5-door hatchback is transforming the look of cities, roads and parking spaces the world over. Your customisation options are almost endless. Fit more in it, and get more out of it, without sacrificing that agile go-kart handling MINI is known for.

Selected Highlights

MINI 5-door hatch interior.


Space is of the essence. The creative use of space is an art in itself. It’s at the core of the MINI philosophy. With ground-breaking design, this compact but spacious 5-door hatchback seats three passengers comfortably in the back, and gives you a bigger boot. In fact, if you drop the 60/40 split rear seats, you get a whopping 941 litres of cargo space, so you can pretty much take everything with you.

MINI 5-door hatch from above.


At the heart of every great car lies a great engine. The MINI 5-Door gets its strength from 1.2l/1.5l/2.0l, 3 or 4-cylinder MINI TwinPower Turbo engines that are fast, furious and fuel-efficient. The low centre of gravity

MINI 5-door hatch – full frontal view.


Respond to the conditions on the road or adapt your MINI 5-door hatch’s performance to match your mood just by flicking the dial of the MINI Driving Modes. Go GREEN if you fancy a leisurely cruise, optimised throttle response and fuel-efficiency. Jump into SPORT for extra-responsive, direct go-kart-like steering and acceleration to quicken your pulse. You can also enjoy the MID mode that delivers a classic MINI driving experience.

Design & Comfort

The place to be.

Reimagined for modern living, The 5-door hatch fuses trailblazing MINI performance qualities with classic comfort-driven design and generous functionality. It’s designed to give you a thrilling drive – and make you feel great wherever you are.

MINI 5-door hatch – Driving Modes.

Adjustable Driving Modes.

Go green. Go mean. Go somewhere in between. If you want to take things easy when you’re on the road, just switch over to fuel-friendly GREEN mode. This mode optimises fuel delivery, and disengages your engine when your foot’s off the throttle. Fancy something a bit more, then switch to SPORT Mode for more responsive steering and acceleration. Even the growl of the exhaust moves up a few tones. For the best of both worlds, just stay in MID mode for a happy motoring medium.

MINI TwinPower Turbo Engine.

MINI TwinPower Turbo Engine.

MINI’s TwinPower Turbo engines are a combination of world-class engineering and premium lightweight materials. You can choose between a 1.2 or 1.5 litre 3-cylinder unit and a 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine. The direct fuel injection units ensure significant torque, reduce acceleration time and improve fuel efficiency. They set new standards in terms of response, performance control, speed and reliability. You’ll also love the deep resonant baritone when you accelerate.



All things connected. MINI Connected XL offers you fantastic functions and connectivity in addition to the MINI Connected app. And your ultimate sidekick – MINI Connected XL Journey Mate – gives you information that makes your trip safer, more comfortable and more interesting than ever. It’ll work out your preferred routes, remind you when to refuel, and keep you in the loop with messages, appointments and traffic reports – in real time.


We’ve Got You Covered.

MINI provides a range of professional assistance, safety and control measures to support you at all times. Our experts help ensure your maximum safety and wellbeing, so you can concentrate on the road and enjoy carefree driving pleasure.

MINI Driving Assist.

Driving Assist.

The MINI Driving Assist is like an extra pair of eyes to support your safety. A camera-based active cruise control slows you down so you don’t get too close to vehicles in front. Permanently scanning the streets are the Pedestrian Warning and Collision Mitigation systems’ cameras. They activate the brakes if they detect imminent danger. And the Speed Limit Info function alerts you to the current and variable speed limits – hopefully ensuring you’ll never get a ticket.

MINI Emergency Call – screen message.

Emergency Call.

You can always rely on MINI’s range of safety devices, but the unexpected can still happen. In this event, the optional Intelligent Emergency Call system automatically sends a distress call to the BMW Group Call Centre transmitting key data like location and status of airbag & front seat belt.This enables rescue services to arrive quickly and be optimally prepared. Trained personnel will also maintain contact with you via voice connection until help arrives.

MINI Head-Up Display.

MINI Head-up Display.

The MINI Head-Up display helps you to keep your head up for a safe and convenient driving experience. It’s a transparent screen installed on your MINI’s dashboard. It relays essential information directly into your field of vision – like driving speed, navigation info and telephone & entertainment details. It also ensures you keep your eyes firmly on the road ahead.


Infotain Me.

Whether you need directions or you want to crank up the volume for a while, your MINI offers many options for navigating, communicating and playing music – all with intelligent voice control. Connectivity meets hands-free control meets great sound.

MINI Centre Instrument.

MINI Centre Instrument.

Housed in an iconic MINI circular interface with an exquisite high-resolution colour display, the MINI Centre Instrument is your window to a world of advanced MINI Connected technology and online services. You control all your entertainment, news and navigation with this beautiful, optional crystal-clear screen nesting within the dashboard's elegant contours. It’s your one-stop source of information and it’s ready to turn every journey into an event.

Radio MINI Visual Boost.

Radio MINI Visual Boost.

Turn your MINI into your mobile cinema with the versatile Radio MINI Visual Boost. The 6.5-inch intuitive high-res screen takes your in-car infotainment to the next level. Four mid-range speakers and two subwoofers deliver a fully immersive sound experience. And compatible devices can be connected via Bluetooth for hands-free telephony and other convenient functions. Open up to a new world of driving entertainment.

MINI Navigation Professional.

MINI Navigation Professional.

Setting the course. MINI Navigation Professional takes things a whole way further. This optional feature comes with a stunning 8.8" high-resolution, full-colour display with split screen functionality that allows two activities to be visible at the same time. It gives you an impressive 25GB of entertainment, 3D navigation, satellite pics and the MINI touch controller. Let it lead the way.

Trim Levels

John Cooper Works Chili Trim.


Some like it hot, and with the John Cooper Works Chili option you can enjoy some awesome firepower and announce your presence everywhere you go. You get ultimate sports styling – such as a John Cooper Works rear spoiler, steering wheel, aerodynamic body kit and 18" two-tone wheels. And it includes the full MINI Excitement Pack, sports instruments and an analyser to increase your driving skills and precision.

Customisation & Packages

Customise to Your Heart’s Desire.

Lights. Colours. Wheels. Plenty to choose from. And a host of other interior and exterior options, too. Such as door sills, dash surfaces, bonnet stripes, mirror caps, or side scuttles. Endless scope for you to be whatever you want – and pull it off.

MINI 5-door hatch – alloy wheels.


It’s not just the driving excitement that’s unique. We offer you an enormous scope for customising your MINI to reflect your own personal style – and all engineered for your specific MINI model’s performance. Whether it’s the black Victory Spoke alloy wheels you’re after, the Cone Spoke wheels in white or Tentacle Spoke wheels in silver, MINI has the rim colours and spoke styles to suit all tastes. Why not try a few to see what they look like on your MINI? Go to our Configurator today.

MINI 5-door hatch – colour range.

Colour Creativity.

Depending on your point of view, our latest collection of colours for customising your MINI’s exterior combines eclectic, exclusive and expressive paint finishes that you can apply to give it your personal stamp. Now with fifteen colours to choose from, you can make your MINI as sophisticated or sporty as you wish. You can also add a further touch by adding some cool accessories such as roof and bonnet stripes, sport stripes, and side scuttle trims. Find your colour.

MINI – refined upholstery.

Refined Upholstery.

Here at MINI, materials certainly matter. Our tradition of customisation and attention to detail is the driving force behind every option we offer. And our seat upholstery is one fantastic way of giving your MINI a custom touch. We’ve carefully selected the finest top-grain leather.

MINI Yours – more individuality.

MINI Yours.

Enjoy your individuality and follow your inspiration with the highest-quality materials, stylish designs and precise craftsmanship. Your MINI should reflect your very own style - that's what the MINI Yours option is all about. We offer a selection of sophisticated paint finishes and stylish alloy wheels for your exterior. While interior options include the finest leather for your seats and steering – in combination with highest-quality wood and meticulous workmanship.


MINI 5 Door side Dimensions
MINI 5 Door front- rear Dimensions

MINI 5-Door Hatch


MINI 5-Door Hatch
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One From R 300 500.00
5, , 5.0
Cooper From R 362 000.00
4,9, , 4.9
Cooper S From R 419 000.00
6, , 6.0