MINI Sharing



Need a vehicle for the day? We’ve got you covered with MINI Sharing, a unique car-sharing service that lets you enjoy the thrill of travelling from point A to B and C in a MINI Electric.

Simple, safe, and hassle-free, by registering on the MINI Sharing app you can book your very own MINI Electric and collect it from the designated MINI Sharing area.

Download the MINI Sharing App:

Mini Sharing Google Play
Mini Sharing Google Play



Mini Sharing

Submit your personal details at reception at BlackBrick in order to receive your invite to use the MINI Sharing service.

Mini Sharing

Send a photo of the front and back of your driver’s license to MINISharingsupport@pacecarrental. or via WhatsApp on 084 465 4515 for verification.

Mini Sharing

Download and install the MINI Sharing South Africa App via the Apple App store or Google Play Store.

Mini Sharing

Sign up and register.

The MINI Sharing initiative is the first of its kind in the country. With the MINI Sharing App and technology, BlackBrick residents and hotel guests have access to a fleet of shared all-electric MINI Cooper SE’s on a ‘pay per use’ basis. Users can go from registration to reservation in minutes – all on their mobile phone.

Simply book the fun and powerful MINI Electric at Blackbrick at:

Time-based rate: 1 x R0.60 /minute

Usage-based rate: R6/km



MINI is constantly improving the MINI Sharing service to ensure that it’s as seamless and efficient as possible. Just follow these easy steps:


1. Select New Booking


2. Select Station


3. Select Date & Time


4. Select vehicle


5. Add card details


6. Confirm booking 


Your estimated amount and your invoice may differ due to the kilometres used at the end of your trip, duration of use or booking extension. An authorisation hold will be placed on your credit card to an amount that is 25% higher than the estimated value. This reservation amount will appear on your bank account until the invoice for your actual trip is sent, then the hold will be released.


What methods of payment does MINI Sharing accept?

MINI Sharing accepts payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or debit card.


When do I start paying for my journey with MINI Sharing?

You start paying for your journey when your rental begins. 

MINI Sharing Vehicle Instructions
LED Charging Lights
MINI Sharing
MINI Sharing Vehicle Instructions


In a case of an accident or break down, the top priority is to make sure that all people involved are okay and that the scene of thenaccident is safe. You should also inform customer services as soon as possible – call from the app by selecting ‘Call Support’ on the active booking screen or by selecting ‘Help’ and then ‘Call Support’ in the main menu. Every road accident, including minor damages, must be recorded by the police. Never issue a confession statement as such a statement could render the collision damage waiver null and void. In the event of an accident, you are required to make note of the name of the driver and owner of the other car, the number plate, and the police record. You need to send us a written report of the accident as soon as possible. If the car has broken down, please contact our customer services immediately. 

A manual invoice is typically generated when a client extends their trip.

Clients use WhatsApp to report any instances of a dirty or damaged car. They also send WhatsApp messages with photos if they have accidentally caused damage to a vehicle or if they discover pre-existing damage.

User accounts are deactivated for two reasons: outstanding balances or repeated misuse of the vehicles, such as neglecting cleanliness, not reporting damages, or not plugging in vehicles for charging.



WhatsApp: +27 84 4654515