1. The Outstanding Finance Amount is the settlement amount that will discharge you of your obligations to MINI Finance arising out of your vehicle finance agreement with MINI Finance ("Finance Agreement"). Payment of the Outstanding Finance Amount is subject to the terms and conditions of the Finance Agreement and the settlement quotation.

2. This Outstanding Finance Amount offered to you is valid for a period of 7 (seven) days from the date that same is populated on this webpage and shall be invalid thereafter. To avoid confusion, the Outstanding Finance Amount is to be paid within this Settlement Period.

3. Please note that the Outstanding Finance Amount is offered to you on the assumption that all payments due and payable by you, up to and including those payments due and payable by you during this Settlement Period shall be made by you in full.

4. If settlement of the Outstanding Finance Amount is made less than 3 (three) working days prior to your next debit order date, your debit order will still be deducted. In the event that this payment falls outside the settlement quote period, you can contact MINI Finance at 0861 696 464 and/or at on guidance of a possible refund, if applicable.

5. Please note that it is your responsibility and obligation to ensure that you have selected the correct financed vehicle that you wish to proceed further with.

6. Failure to honour any payment on the due date of any amount due by you will necessitate a recalculation of the Outstanding Finance Amount populated on this webpage so as to include the outstanding payment and any arrear interest which will accrue thereon.

7. Kindly note that the Outstanding Finance amount populated on this webpage may vary in accordance with fluctuation in interest rates and you are accordingly requested to confirm the exact amount due with MINI Finance before effecting payment.

8. The Outstanding Finance Amount populated by this webpage may be subject to some errors, it is your obligation to contact MINI Finance at 0861 696 464 and/or at to obtain a formal Settlement Quotation before making any payments. MINI Finance shall not be liable for any loss caused by failure to follow this procedure.

9. You may not sell, lease or otherwise alienate the goods financed in terms of your Finance Agreement with MINI Finance until such time as the full amount due to MINI Finance has been paid in full.

10. Registration documents will only be released by written request and further note will not be released until such time as all payments made have been cleared.