The MINI Electric Origin Story

The MINI Electric Origin Story.

The Beginning

Every superhero has an origin story, and ours is no different.

The year was 1957, and in post–World War II England, the Suez Crisis had sent fuel prices soaring. People started struggling to afford petrol for their large cars and wondering who could save them from the  ever-increasing fuel prices and mounting inflation.

The stage was set for a small hero to solve a big problem. As an answer to the fuel crisis, Sir Leonard Lord of the Morris Company challenged his top engineer, Alec Issigonis, to design and build a small, fuel-efficient car capable of carrying four adults. Just three years later, the first and oh-so-iconic MINI was sent out to the world.

Before long, the classic Mini was not only winning on fuel efficiency but also outracing and outlasting the larger, more powerful sedans of the day. The original MINI is considered one of the most influential cars of the 20th century… but we didn’t stop there.

MINI Cooper The Beginning
MINI Cooper The Reinvention

The Reinvention

The fuel crisis has only become more problematic. Not only are we facing mounting prices, but we are now painfully aware of how damaging the use of fossil fuels is to the planet. We needed a new superhero car that would reduce carbon emissions as much as possible and cut out the need for daily use of petrol, so just like we did in 1959, we got clever with space and engineering to bring you the MINI Electric (also known as the MINI Cooper SE) in 2020.

Every MINI is already manufactured with a carbon-neutral footprint through the use of 100% renewable electricity at the MINI Plant Oxford. We’re doing our part to save the planet by committing to the electrification of the MINI model range by 2030.

The Next Episode

The MINI Concept Aceman represents a new era of more sustainable, connected cars and combines tech advances, charismatic simplicity and driving excitement.

This first all-electric MINI Crossover SAV blends in hallmark MINI agility and innovative design thinking, while delivering an assured driving position. It showcases what makes a MINI: exciting proportions, distinctive lines and clever functionality. The MINI Concept Aceman is the start of a new adventure.

MINI is also working up fresh ideas on the design of urban mobility in the future alongside innovative vehicle concepts such as the MINI Vision Urbanaut.

We’re as excited about the potential of MINI because with all the adventure in our past, the future can only be epic. With our plan to go fully electric by 2030, our  superhero is set to pack a big punch in the fight against climate change.

MINI Cooper The Next Episode


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