Finance your MINI. Make a dream come true.

MINI Finance

Lease or loan? The choice is yours.

Stop dreaming and start driving. Whether you enjoy the freedom of leasing or the pleasure of owning your MINI outright, we’ve got a nifty finance deal to suit everyone. Thirsting for a MINI? Nothing’s stopping you.


  • The lower my monthly payments, the better
  • I only want my MINI for the short term (1-3 years)
  • I like to have the latest MINI
  • I’m not that bothered about customising my MINI
  • I have low mileage
  • I’ll take good care of my MINI
  • I own a company and like the tax benefits of leasing

Or loan?

  • I’ll pay a little more each month to own my MINI outright
  • I want my MINI longer term (4 years or more)
  • I’m not so worried about having the latest MINI
  • I want to soup up my MINI with customisations
  • I don’t want to limit my mileage
  • I don’t want to worry about wear and tear
  • Company tax isn’t an issue
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MINI Select

Want both options?

If you’re not sure, keep it flexible. Choose a combined option that allows you to wait until the end of your term before you decide to lease or buy.

MINI Select.

Three-way flexibility: pay a lump sum, renew your finance

agreement, or simply return your MINI at the end of your term.

Configure a MINI to calculate your payments.