MINI Condition Based Service
  • Condition based service
  • Condition based service (CBS) - The MINI Concept.

    Inflexible service intervals? No way! Servicing appointments for your MINI vary according to how often, how adventurously and how far you drive. In order to determine exactly when it's time for a check-up, your MINI monitors all of its important components itself: with built-in sensors, it can record the state of the brake pads as well as engine oil or brake fluid levels. Using special algorithms, the MINI calculates all values in advance and then indicates when maintenance and servicing works needs to be carried out. In this way, your MINI is serviced only when it's absolutely necessary, thus eliminating unnecessary journeys to service workshops − and saving time and money. You don't need to remember when an oil change is due − because your MINI reminds you in good time of all upcoming servicing requirements. However, if you want to keep an eye on things for yourself, then you can, of course: All information is available in the Check Control Display in the rev counter or in the navigation system display in your MINI. Even when you're at the dealer, you don't need to put your memory in gear: your MINI dealership can simply read the CBS data saved on your MINI key and immediately see which servicing tasks need to be performed. After all, there are more important things to use your memory for − such as the last sharp corner you took in your MINI, for example. Click on the individual items on the list on the left to find out more about CBS messages.

  • Brake Pad wear indicator.

    A MINI will let you know in good time when its brake pads need changing. CBS evaluates the data from two sensors on the left of the front axle and the right of the rear axle.

  • Inspection.

    This display informs you when your MINI has to go in for an inspection. Calculations are adjusted every 50 kilometres, with the time between inspections varying according to how often you drive, how far you drive and in what sort of conditions you drive your MINI. During the major inspection, the MINI is scrutinised down to the last detail. Brakes, steering, transmission are tested for wear-and-tear and all necessary liquids are topped up and, if need be, replaced.

  • Engine oil.

    The display in the rev counter of your MINI tells you exactly how much time is left or how far you can still drive before the next oil change is due (intervals vary according to your driving style and how frequently you're on the road). An engine oil change is more than just an oil change. The old oil is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner and replaced fresh, high-quality oil. The oil filter is also replaced − after all, what good's new oil if the filters are old? Last but not least, the micro filter in the air-conditioning is exchanged for a new one, making sure that driving your MINI is a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.

  • Brake Fluid.

    Although you might never want to stop driving your MINI once you're behind the wheel, you still need to have the brake fluid changed approximately every two years. Your MINI will remind you automatically of the exact date (which varies according to the actual condition of the brake fluid). And if you don't want to wait for the reminder, then the date's available at all times − at the push of a button.